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6 of my movies/games were flagged and removed

2016-11-28 01:08:47 by darkmagewizard3

i think this was unwarranted

most of them sucked but a couple of them i tried on especially the halloween game

so thats disappointing

oh well


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2016-11-28 02:14:41

a) I know games and movies and art below a certain amount of stars are usually taken down (I used to think it was 2 but it might be 1 or 1.5).
b) Newgrounds can't really handle any copyright lawsuit especially when now most of their time and money is directed at adding new things to the site and it's improvement. Creation with strictly copyrighted music are taken down to avoid lawsuits but it says in the forum posts (which you can look into for more details) that you can put your thing back up after you changed what was copyrighted. you have three options to do that: ask permission form the creator or copyright holder and get uproval, Use one of the free to use pieces from the audio portal (which there are a lot), and or make a remix version of that song in order to claim it under fair use.

hope you can get your things back up and go read the forum posts Tom puts out for more information about this.